About Us

In January of 2016, we showed up at a hockey game wearing shirts made to support our goalie. We never intended for it to be a business. It was just something we did for fun but people started asking about them. Before we knew it, we had sold about 30 shirts. Unfortunately, our goalie was traded but that wasn't the end for us.

We started making shirts for people, a few shirts at a time. After making shirts for a charity fundraiser, we realized this could be more than just a hobby. We also realized the limitations of our current methods. So in the spring of 2017, we took a leap; purchased equipment for screen printing and Doin' Tees was born. a

We have spent many hours thinking about what we want this to become. Ultimately, we know printing a shirt isn't going to change the world. If however, we can bring a smile to someone's face, help them brand their business or spread their message then we have made an impact however small it may be. Hopefully, enough small changes will one day have a bigger impact.

We invite you to watch us grow. We would also love the opportunity to help you spread your message printed by Doin' Tees.